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  • What are the prices?
    Here are the prices for each type of class: Water Babies • 30 minutes - $57 Small Group Lessons (1:4 ratio) • 45 minutes - $77 Semi-Private Lessons • 30 minutes - $72 • 45 minutes - $98 Private Lessons • 30 minutes - $93 • 45 minutes - $134 • 60 minutes - $165 Adult Lessons • 45 minutes (Small Group) - $77 • 45 minutes (Private) - $134 • 60 minutes (Private) - $165
  • What's the payment schedule?
    Clients pay for the full tuition prior to the start of each session. If a client joins a sessions after its started, the tuition is pro-rated.
  • How do I enroll?
    You can enroll by clicking on this link. You will then be asked a series of questions so we can recommend the best classes suited for yourself or your child. You can sign up for the lesson through the Web Registration Form following the questionnaire. You can reach out to us with any questions via email or call to help you with registration. We will need to have an account created to be able to enroll you ourselves. So please create an account by submitting the Web Registration Form without selecting a class.
  • What if I join midway through the semester?
    You will either be put in an empty class or put into a class with students of similar age and level. You will be joining the class midway through but the instructor will work with you or your child to make sure they are caught up on the skills that have been already taught in the class. If the class is still too ahead for you or your child we will be more than happy to transfer you over to another class that is available.
  • Can I rent the pool for a birthday party or event?
    Yes! Please reach out to us via email or call to get more information regarding birthday parties or events at our pools.
  • How long is each semester?
    Since we are an after school program our semesters coincide with New York City public schools. Each semester will range from 10-14 weeks. The Summers are broken up into two semesters. Each Summer semester consists of 4 weeks.
  • What are your make up and cancellation policy?
    You can read our make up and cancellation policies for each pool at these links. John Jay make up policy NYSC make up policy Moise Safra Center make up policy
  • How long are swim lessons?
    The classes can range from 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons. It will all depend on the time/day of the class you pick.
  • At what age can I start taking Private or Semi-Private lessons?
    Students who are 2 years old and up can join us for the Private and Semi-Private lessons. Anyone under the age of 2 years old must join our Water Babies Class.
  • At what age can I start taking Small Group lessons?
    Students who have completed our Level 2 classes can join the Small Group Lesson.
  • What do I bring to my swim lessons?
    You should bring a bathing suit, goggles, towel, and a lock for the lockers. For students who are 2 years and younger, or have yet to be potty trained, that the child wears a Happy Nappy Swim Diaper. These can be found on the internet or by clicking this link:
  • What happens if my child is not the right fit for the class they enrolled in?
    If the class that you or your child does not fit you in any way, we will be more than happy to transfer you to another class slot that is available.
  • How do I know what level my child is?
    By clicking on "Sign Up for Lessons Today" the link will have you answer a questionnaire that will recommend the best classes suited for yourself or your child. You can also pick the level that best suits you or your child by referring to the tab "Swim Levels" on our website.
  • Can I swim laps in the pool outside of my lessons?
    You may only swim at one of our locations in the class you have enrolled for. You will need to contact the facilities separately in order to inquire about becoming a member to use the pool outside of your enrolled lesson.
  • Do you offer lessons with students with special needs?
    Please reach out to us via email or call to get more information.
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