Swim Levels
Penguin City Swim

Level One

Little Blue

  • Introduction to safety in and around the pool
  • Water Adjustment
  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Walking Independently Around the Pool
  • Front Float (Supported by Instructor)
  • Back Float (Supported by Instructor)

Safety First.
Always safety first.  We provide a positive and encouraging environment where new swimmers can feel comfortable to try their best.  For some, getting used to the water is a significant step as is getting their face wet.  Blowing bubbles is important to practice breathing out under the water (and not breathing in!) Parents and guardians are encouraged to be present, supportive, and to let the instructor do the work.  All new swimmers learn at different speeds with some good days and some bad.  We celebrate each victory and have a few minutes of play at the end of each lesson. 

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Level Two


    • Head and Face Underwater 
    • Independent Front Float
    • Independent Front Float with Kicking
    • Independent Back Float
    • Independent Back Float with Kicking
    • Assisted Jump
    • Superman/Superwoman

Learning to Move
Swimmers will continue to blow bubbles and practice breathing at this level, but now we will learn how to kick and float.  One important goal is to have their head and face underwater.  Superman/Superwoman is pushing off from the wall with their arms forward.  This trains the body to use legs to propel and be in ready position to begin stroke (and it’s fun!)

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Level Three


  • Freestyle with Beginning Breathing
  • Chicken, Airplane, Soldier (Elementary Backstroke Arms)
  • Breaststroke Arms
  • Jumping In


Engaging the arms
In addition to advancing our breathing techniques (always the most important part to advance) we are now working on what the arms need to do.  Chicken, Airplane, Soldier is a muscle memory technique where we place our hands on our shoulders, then outward, and then propel ourselves by pushing our arms downward.  Muscle memory means we do this alot!  We also have to do this while kicking.

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Level Four


  • Beginning Freestyle
  • Beginning Breaststroke
  • Coordinated Elementary Backstroke
  • Underwater Swim
  • Surface Dives
  • Introduction to Treading
  • Introduction to Butterfly


Coordinating Arms and Legs
While working on breathing and turning head side to side, we integrating arms and legs to form freestyle, breast, and backstroke. Swimmers are taught the foundations for the breaststroke and freestyle side breathing. We also work on “surface dives” which is a dive from the surface of the water to the bottom of the pool which is a fun way for children to develop technique, endurance and confidence being under water.

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Level Five


    • Coordinated Freestyle
    • Coordinated Backstroke
    • Coordinated Breaststroke
    • Beginning Sidestroke
    • Beginning Butterfly
    • Beginning Diving
    • Treading Water — 30 Seconds


Beginner Swim Training
Swimmers continue developing freestyle and backstroke technique and endurance. They develop the endurance and confidence to and tread water for 30 seconds. Our young swimmers also learn the complete breaststroke, and are introduced to the butterfly kick. They also really begin to swim underwater.

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Level Six


  • Freestyle with Proper Form
  • Backstroke with Proper Form
  • Breaststroke with Proper Form
  • Butterfly with Proper Form
  • Sidestroke with Proper Form
  • Diving
  • Treading (Kicking Only)
  • Intro to Starts & Open Turns

Refining the Stroke
Chinstrap is about refinement. Our instructors work with swimmers to adjust their form for efficiency and endurance. We work on safe diving practices and technique, introduce starts and turns, and work on safety with leg-only treading.

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Level Seven


  • Perfected Breaststroke
  • Perfected Freestyle
  • Perfected Backstroke
  • Perfected Butterfly
  • Perfected Sidestroke
  • Advanced Starts & Flip Turns
  • Racing Dives

Attentions Makes Perfect
Here’s where our Royal Penguins really start to strut! They show off their perfect form for the major strokes, do flips and turns, and learn racing dives in a safe and controlled environment. With every adjustment to form they increase their endurance and comfort in the water.

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Level Eight



  • Over Arm Sidestroke
  • Trudgen
  • Trudgen Crawl
  • Inverted Breaststroke
  • Participated in Two Swim Meets
  • Beginning Lifesaving Skills

Encouraging Each Other
At level eight, our penguins are ready to start applying what they’ve learned. We prepare them for fun competition by introducing the Trudgen, or racing, stroke. Gentoo penguins show off what they’ve learned in two swim meets and prepare for leadership roles with beginning lifesaving.

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Level Nine


  • Mastered All Strokes
  • Trudgen
  • Participated in Four Swim Meets
  • Co-taught for 10 Hours
  • Advanced Lifesaving Skills

Developing Leaders
King penguins have demonstrated individual mastery of all strokes and developed the confidence to participate in four swim meets. They are learning to be leaders by co-teaching and are ready for advanced lifesaving.

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Level 10


  • Supervised Two Swim Meets
  • Current Lifeguarding
  • Perfected All Strokes
  • Three Years Teaching Experience
  • Taught Levels 1-9


Giving back
By now, our most experienced swimmers have perfected all of their strokes and serve as lifeguards.  They learn and demonstrate leadership skills by teaching all of the levels below them for at least three years and by supervising two swim meets.

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5 Convenient Locations in Manhattan 

E 66th Street

Lenox Hill

333 East 66th Street

New York, NY 10065


3:00 pm - 5:45 pm

(Holiday Feb 18)

Pool Type: Wading pool ideal for small


Temperature: 86 degrees

Rules and Regulations: Presented upon registration


E 50th Street

St. Bart's Church

109 E 50th street

New York, NY 10022


6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


3:15 pm – 4:45 pm


6:45 am – 7:45 am (Masters)

Pool Type: Multi Lane Lap pool

Temperature: 83-86 degrees

Rules and Regulations: Presented upon registration




E 91st Street

New York Sports Club

1637 Third Ave 
(NE corner of 91st st)

New York, NY 10128


3:30 pm - 6:30 pm


3:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Pool Type: Multi Lane Lap pool

Temperature: 82 degrees

Rules and Regulations: Presented upon registration




E 86th Street

Yorkshire Towers

305 East 86th Street
(NE corner of 2nd Ave)

New York, NY 10128


3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Pool Type: Multi Lane Lap pool

Temperature: 82 degrees

Rules and Regulations: Presented upon registration




E 96th Street

The Monterey

175 East 96th street

New York, NY 10129


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Pool Type: Two Lane Lap Pool

Temperature: 84 degrees

Rules and Regulations: Presented upon registration



Please contact us to learn more how our programs help keep children safe in the water and help adults build confidence in their skills