Rules of the Pool

Upper East at at John Jay College
When entering John Jay College, please bring your government issued ID and provide your name to the front desk personnel. Take elevator to 'C' level.

Rules of the Pool

  1. Swim cap and swimming suits required. We recommend using goggles.
  2. A rashguard is recommended for students who may be sensitive to water temperatures.
  3. Shoes may not be worn on the pool deck. Sandals, flip flops, Crocs etc. are acceptable to wear on pool deck.
  4. Personal belongings are not allowed on the deck.
  5. Please bring a lock if using the lockers.
  6. Enter through the changing rooms in swim attire.
  7. Please bring your own towel.
  8. No eating nor drinking is allowed on the pool deck or in the changing rooms/restrooms.
  9. Children over six years old are never allowed in the opposite sex locker room unless Penguin City Swim is the only user of the facility on that day and approved by the lifeguard or deck manager on duty. This is a rule set by the facility and there are no other exceptions. Students may use a changing tent if made available.
  10. Strollers may not be brought on the pool deck. They may be kept in the waiting area outside the pool.
  11. Everyone must change in the locker room .
  12. Never change on the pool deck.
  13. No running on the pool deck - ever!
  14. Do not eat or drink in the facilities - Water bottles are okay.
  15. Do not leave your child unattended if he or she is under the age of five.
  16. We suggest arriving ten minutes prior to the start of your lesson. Please note that lessons cannot run later than the allotted time.
  17. All swimmers are required to take a shower before entering the pool.
  18. All parents and guardians are urged to not feed children at least 1–2 hours before swim lessons (especially chocolate).
  19. All children who are not potty trained, or are in the process of being trained, are required to wear Happy Nappy Swim Diapers during class. This is important so that all the other guests of our program are able to enjoy their lessons on that day. A $250 clean up fee will be assessed for any incidents where the pool needs to be closed.

*Please remember, we are guests at John Jay, and not members. With the exception of those attending John Jay as a student or are affiliated with the school in any way, no one may enter the building without being scheduled for a lesson. Penguin City Swim clients are not permitted on any other floors above the lobby and may not use any of the equipment in the gym or sit in the lobby. Clients of Penguin City Swim may arrive 15 minutes prior to a lesson and must leave no later than 15-20 minutes after the lesson. Any other appointments unrelated to a class must be arranged in advance with management or office team so that a visitor's name can be registered with the security desk.

Makeup Policy and Cancellations

Attendance and Commitment to Swim Policy

We truly expect our swimmers to attend every lesson in which the student is registered. Swimming is a discipline where we teach technique by that requires a student to be committed. Swimmers who do not attend lessons on a regular basis will quickly fall behind, and not build the necessary skills and strength needed to succeed and move to a higher level. Students or their guardians are expected to notify us in the event they will be absent from class. The ONLY acceptable excused absences are illness, injury, observance of a religious holiday, or family emergency.

Swimmer Lesson Make-up Policy:

  1. Swimmers with an excused absence may make up a missed lesson by attending another lesson of the SAME LEVEL or a LOWER LEVEL, if space is available.
  2. Swimmers and or parents must call and pre-arrange a make up class.
  3. Swimmers must make up missed classes within the session.
  4. Missed lessons will be lost lessons.
  5. Tuition will not be refunded for unattended lessons or lessons that are not made up.
  6. Swimmers may request two makeup lessons per session.
  7. We cannot guarantee a specific time, instructor or class type for make-up classes though we will do our best! If you need to miss a class, please let us know as soon as possible. Make-ups are not guaranteed. If, before a session begins, you know you will not be able to make it on specific dates please let us know and we will prorate your payment.

Clients may cancel season registrations up until 7 days before the season begins. All season cancellations within 7 days of the start of the season will incur a 5% penalty fee. Penalty fee will be waived for any issues related to moving out of area and health matters.

Extended Medical Class Cancelation & Make-up Policy

In those unfortunate occurrences where more than one day is needed for a medical cancellation we allow extended absences.

  • Only tuition credits are offered, no refunds for future classes, but you may transfer credits to a friend or family member.
  • A letter from a doctor or hospital explaining the student is not able to swim for a period of time is required.

Clients are eligible for a refund due to a student moving 15 miles or more away from any one of our locations. Just shoot us an email to us with some type of documentation so we can process it for you.

Substitute Teachers

There may be times when we need to use a substitute instructor. It is not our policy to allow make up classes under these circumstances,  All of our instructors are extraordinarily qualified and we always stand prepared to fulfill your expectation of you or your child having a swimming lesson during their time slot.

We schedule our instructors to teach on a consistent basis. That is in the best interest of the instructor, the swimmer and the family. Absences are unplanned and our instructors have a strong record of attendance.

Identification Pictures

It is Penguin City Swim's policy to have photo ID pictures of all students and caregivers/parents. Please feel free to upload your own picture on to your Jackrabbit profile or we will do it at poolside. These pictures are kept private and remain in our database.

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