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Programs and Pricing

Private Lessons 

$93 — 30 minutes
$134 — 45 minutes
$165 — 60 minutes

Small Group Lessons
(45 minutes)

$77 — 1:4 ratio

Water Babies

$57 — 30 minutes

Private lessons are one-on-one between an instructor and a swimmer.


Penguin City Swim believes that private lessons should be geared towards swimmers who have reservations or fear of the water. Private lessons are also ideal for swimmers who would like to focus on developing stroke technique.

Small group lessons have three to four swimmers in a group. 


Swimmers are matched up by age and ability. These groups are ideal for swimmers ages four and up, who could swim a small distance on their own.

Join your child in the water for our fun-filled Water Baby classes that feature singing and games while teaching important water safety skills. These classes are taught by patient instructors who specialize in helping our littlest students become safe and comfortable in the water. Water Babies is for children ages 6 months - 23 months.

*Please note that if you do not see a private class listed that fits your schedule, please reach out to us at 



Semi-Private Lessons 

Swim Team

Adult Lessons

$72 — 30 minutes
$98 — 45 minutes
$93 — 60 minutes
$77 — 45 minutes (Small Group)
$134 - 45 minutes (Private)
$165 - 1 hour (Private)

Semi-private lessons are one-on-two between one instructor and two swimmers.


Semi-private lessons are appropriate for children ages three to six who are being introduced to the fundamentals of swimming.


Semi-private lessons are also perfect for couples, friends and/or siblings learning at similar levels. 

Penguin City Swim Team is for junior swimmers who would like to enhance their techniques, increase endurance, and build camaraderie.

Penguin City Swim Team is coached by former competitive athletes.


Practices never exceed four swimmers for each instructor.

We offer adult classes for everyone from beginners to advanced swimmers. Groups are matched up based on ability.

Our focus is on making beginners feel comfortable in and around the water. Advanced swimmers will focus on cleaning up their stroke technique and form for all five strokes. 

To register, please call
(917) 909-SWIM or email

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