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Rules of The Program and the Pool

- Please remember we are guests at these facilities, not members.  With the exception of members, no one may enter The Moise Safra Center without being scheduled for a lesson.  We provide a list of our clients daily to the security staff. If you are not on the list, you may not enter the building. Unless you are a member of The Moise Safra Center, Penguin City Swim clients are not permitted on any other floors above the lobby and may not use any of the equipment in the gym or sit in the lobby. Clients of Penguin City Swim may arrive 15 minutes prior to a lesson and must leave no later than 15-20 minutes after the lesson. Any other appointments unrelated to a class must be arranged in advance with management or office team so that a visitor's name can be registered with the security desk.
- Strollers must be kept upstairs and may not be brought down to the pool area waiting area.
- Everyone must change in the locker room or in the changing tent - Never change on the pool deck.
- No outside shoes are allowed on the pool deck
- Strollers are not allowed on the pool deck.
- Children are not allowed to play or sit on the gym equipment.
- Never use the sauna at the gyms - The sauna is for gym members or residents only.
- No running on the pool deck - ever!
- Do not eat or drink in the facilities - Water bottles are okay. 
- Do not leave your child unattended if he or she is under the age of five.
- Children over six years old are never allowed in the opposite sex locker room. This is a rule set by the gym and there are no exceptions. 
-  We have a changing tent available for your convenience.

Class Start Time
- We suggest arriving ten minutes prior to the start of your lesson. Please note that lessons cannot run later than the allotted time.
- Depending on the pool, you may be required to take a shower before you swim.

Substitute Teachers

There may be times when we need to use a substitute instructor. It is not our policy to allow make up classes under these circumstances,  All of our instructors are extraordinarily qualified and we always stand prepared to fulfill your expectation of you or your child having a swimming lesson during their time slot. 


We schedule our instructors to teach on a consistent basis. That is in the best interest of the instructor, the swimmer and the family. Absences are unplanned and our instructors have a strong record of attendance. 

Identification Pictures

It is Penguin City Swim's policy to have photo ID pictures of all students and caregivers/parents. Please feel free to upload your own picture on to your Jackrabbit profile or we will do it at poolside.

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