The Importance of Instructor Quality in Swim Instruction

The Importance of Instructor Quality in Swim Instruction

Research shows that effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement. For example, students who are placed with highly effective teachers significantly outperform comparable students on academic assessments.

Although program quality, class size, funding, and family support all contribute to student achievement, the most influential factor is the teacher.

Quality instructors tend to share the following characteristics.

They emphasize the positive

A good youth sports instructor has a lasting impact on the children they teach.  The right instructor knows how, what, and when to teach.  They emphasize the positive, make class time enjoyable, and teach that swimming is about safety, fun, skill development, and goal-setting.

Great youth instructors place emphasis on self-improvement, mastering skills, creating community, and achieving personal and team goals.  Through practices and competition, they provide a framework for a positive experience and a fun atmosphere in which athletic skills, meaningful relationships and social skills are developed.

They are experienced – with the relevant certifications

While experience doesn’t always mean an instructor is going to be great, it can be a good indicator. Multiple certifications might be meaningful, too. It means the instructor has various insights into different ways to teach.

The right instructor will have been certified by an external organization like the American Red Cross as well as in the program offered by their school.

Penguin City Instructors follow our in-house, tested program focused on water safety, fun for students, endurance, and eventually coaching and life-saving.  All of our instructors follow this curriculum to make sure each student has the best experience possible, no matter what their goals.

They give personal attention

Getting personal attention is vital to any swim lesson, so schools with low instructor-to-child ratios tend to be the most successful.  While class size does matter, it’s equally important that you get to know the instructor as early as possible.  Studies show that a student’s belief in the competency of their teachers and coaches positively affects outcomes.  While maintaining small class sizes allows instructors to properly supervise and coach every student, the instructor’s ability to share their energy and enthusiasm is just as important.


About Penguin City

Penguin City Swim is known for our experienced, professional instructors and our small class sizes.  Our swim program caters to children and adults of all ages. We accept students of all ages and abilities, from beginners, intermediate and even masters.  Our national-level competitive instructors offer decades of experience.  Each is an expert technician of swim.  Their focus is on you and on developing the next generation of great Penguin City coaches and instructors.