Dark of winter? It’s the perfect time to head to the Pool!

Dark of winter? It’s the perfect time to head to the Pool!

There are a few reasons to head to the pool for a swim lesson in the winter months.

Some are obvious. For example, with most people worried about the holidays and the snow, pools are less crowded and class sizes are usually smaller. A less obvious benefit is that swim schools can be more flexible with class schedules because they are working around the availability of a smaller number of students. And, if you need to reschedule due to work or family obligations, they are more likely to be able to accommodate.

Don’t give back any progress you made

If you are a new or evolving swimmer, another practical reason to head for the pool is to ensure that you don’t give back any progress you made on your form or endurance during warmer months. Speaking of form, winter is the time of year when you are more likely to learn from the most experienced instructors.

The pool can be refreshing and relaxing

An even better reason to jump into the water is that swimming is known to effectively fight the winter blues. Studies of both amateur and professional swimmers show that those who swim regularly experience less tension, depression, and anger after a session in the pool. It is easy to see why. The feeling of being in the pool can be refreshing and relaxing. And swimming is an extremely rewarding form of exercise that forces you to focus on the water, not on that day’s problems.

Chase away the winter blues

Whether you are looking for more personal instruction, to take advantage of more flexible scheduling, or to chase away the winter blues, the coldest days are the perfect time to grab your towel and get to your swim class.

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